Collision Detection

iCARe Tracker’s most valuable safety feature is being able to locate the car in the event of an accident. Should an accident occur, the device will send an instant text message to your emergency contact notifying them of the vehicles exact location. You can then call emergency services and direct them to the scene of the accident if you are unable to reach the driver. Get help when you need it the most!

Increase Security

The iCARe Tracker acts as an in-built security device so that you are able to follow its movements if it is stolen in real time. Contact police so that your vehicle can be located and recovered.

Speeding alert

With speeding being a root cause of many road related deaths in Australian, high speed is something you’ll want to be informed about. iCARe Tracker instantly sends out an alert to inform you if your vehicle is exceeding 110kph.

Service reminder

iCARe Tracker is not just about protecting the driver, it’s also about protecting the vehicle. Servicing your vehicle on a routine basis not only keeps it road-worthy, but also extends the life of the vehicle. iCARe Tracker automatically sends you alerts when your next service is due. A great feature if you need to service your vehicle to maintain a manufacturer’s warranty.

New Drivers

For the inexperienced driver, it is especially helpful to receive alerts so driver training continues long after qualifying for their P plates. Young drivers are at the greatest risk of being involved in a crash in their first year of driving unsupervised. The majority of all speeding offences are committed by those aged between 17 – 25 and young drivers, especially, need significant on-road driving experience before their crash risk decreases. With this in mind, learning from mistakes made from the driver feedback based on objective data will encourage safer, more responsible driving in this period.