Real time

Refer to the live map for the location of the driver 24/7. It's no longer necessary to contact them to find out where they are. Simply zoom in to view their exact location on Google maps.

Trip insights

Replay each trip made in detail including: map showing the route taken, odometer reading, kilometres travelled, altitude, engine temperature and speed profiles. Knowing where the vehicle has been has never been easier.

Stress Less

Are you constantly worried about the safety of your loved ones on the road? There are many situations where it's important to be able to reach one another especially when driving late at night or over long distances. Take the wonder and worry away knowing that they have reached their destination safely. Forgotten their mobile phone? That's okay, no need to call or text the driver when you have all you need at your fingertips.


Benefits for business include easily locating each driver's current location, viewing the jobs that have been completed, how long each job has taken, the routes that have been used, distances travelled and how fast they are driving. Managing your vehicles is so much easier knowing where they are at all times.