Driver behaviour alerts

iCARe Tracker monitors HOW the vehicle is being driven and provides real-time alerts, via email to notify you when something isn’t right including:

  • Speeding (110KM/HR or more)
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering

Safer Drivers

Bad habits can be hard to break, especially when it comes to driving. The alerts system reminds us any time we are being complacent or careless on the road 24/7. It provides instant feedback on our driving therefore helping to create more aware and responsible drivers. Bad habits behind the wheel can have serious consequences; fines, points and potential accidents.


The in-vehicle device collects and stores objective data on driver behaviours highlighting where and when driving mistakes have occurred. Knowing there is a GPS tracking device in the vehicle results in drivers exercising a greater duty of care when behind the wheel knowing they are being monitored and held to account for irresponsible driving.

New drivers

Highlight incidents of poor driving to younger drivers and help develop good habits early on. It gives young drivers who are responsible a chance to prove they are practising safe behaviours when they are on their own as well as giving parents peace of mind. It also allows the role of mentoring the young driver to continue by providing feedback on any events that occur.