Locate your loved ones 24/7 in real time
Claim back any work related travel expenses
Got an L plater in the family? Keep a log of your supervised hours
Be the first to know if a family member has been in an accident
Monitor how well your car is being driven
Don't miss your next car service
Compare your driving ability with other family members
Save money on car insurance
Locate your car if it is stolen
Reduce Speeding Fines
Locate the driver without needing to call or text
Increase the safety of your family members
Receive instant alerts if there is a problem
Mentor the new driver in the family

For Fleets

Reach your team 24/7
Monitor distance and fuel usage
Receive instant driver behaviour alerts
Preventative maintenance planning
Increase driver safety
Claim travel related expenses
Provide navigational support
Plan your routes more effectively
Reduction in fuel costs
Reduce unauthorized usage
Increase the number of jobs completed
Keep drivers accountable
Insurance discounts
Reward responsible drivers